Wrestling Organization Online

Wrestling Organization Online (WOO) is a wrestling-themed strategy game that seeks to make a real-world impact on the wrestling industry by helping to financially support retired wrestlers. It has been adding features since 2022[1] and uses the $WOO [[Hive Engine]] [token](/wiki/L2-Token) as its primary currency.
## Overview A Booker's License is required to play the game, which currently costs $10 USD payable in [HIVE](/wiki/Hive-Cryptocurrency) or other HIVE supported cryptocurrencies. Players must collect Wrestler [[NFT]] cards to be able to compete in auto-battler matches with other players. Cards have various categories (e.g. Male, Female, Tag Team, Manager), stats (e.g. Strength, Speed), costs, and special abilities. These NFTs are available in card packs, purchasable from WOO or on Hive's secondary market. Winning a match earns $WOO tokens. WOO also uses Land NFTs, allowing Land owners to participate in earning $WOO for any match held on their property. ## Support for retired wrestlers WOO partners with real-life retired pro wrestlers. In exchange for using their likeness on NFTs and for promotional and networking support, WOO offers its partners 10% of sale proceeds from the game[2], as well as 100% of market trading fees for NFTs bearing a partner's likeness[3]. ### Current pro wrestling partners WOO's current partners include: - Perry Saturn - Raven - Sonny Onoo - Terri Runnels - Justin Credible - Sabu - Mikey Whipwreck - Ernest "The Cat" Miller - Bill Alfonso - Tajiri ## Team WOO is led by [@bookerman](https://hive.blog/@bookerman) and developed by [@tobias-g](@tobias-g). Many others support the project, including [@munchiesmcgee](https://hive.blog/@munchiesmcgee), [@crimsonclad](https://hive.blog/@crimsonclad), [@jfuji](https://hive.blog/@jfuji), and more. ## External links - [The main WOO website](https://play.wrestlingorganizationonline.com/) - [The WOO Gitbook / whitepaper](https://woo-2.gitbook.io/wrestling-organization-online) - [WOO's external audience landing page](https://woogame.online/) - [WOO's Discord server](https://discord.com/invite/sQZRZv5Rew) ## References 1. Wrestling Organization Online Celebrates 2 Years! https://hive.blog/hive-167922/@wrestorgonline/wrestling-organization-online-celebrates-2-years 2. WOO Pays Perry Saturn 10% of Earnings https://hive.blog/woonft/@wrestorgonline/woo-pays-perry-saturn-10percent-of-earnings 3. What the hell is Hive? (A guide by WOO) https://hive.blog/hive-191258/@wrestorgonline/what-the-hell-is-hive-a-guide-by-woo ## Related Articles [[Hive engine]] [[Nft]]