Rise Of The Pixels

**Rise of the Pixels** (RotP) is a browser based simulation game themed around video game development studios. It was released in early 2024[1] and uses the $PXL [[Hive Engine]] [token](/wiki/L2-Token) as its primary currency.
## Overview A Game Dev Studio License is required to play the full game, which currently costs $8 USD payable in [HIVE](/wiki/Hive-Cryptocurrency). The License includes a starter pack with two [[NFT]] cards and soulbound PXL coins. Gameplay revolves around using Developer and Designer NFTs to develop video games. Players pick their team size, theme, genre, and duration. They must choose a name, description, and cover art for their game. They can also use technology (if researched) to improve the game's rating. The last step is to assign 'Dev Points' to various aspects of the game, such as its engine, graphics, and controller. After a period of time, the game is ready to be released. RotP assigns it a rating, which partially determines how well the game will "sell" in the market. Every hour, for about 20 hours, the released game will earn a certain amount of PXL tokens. Players aim to make more $PXL than they spend developing the game. ## Team RotP was created by the founders of [[PeakD]], [@asgarth](https://hive.blog/@asgarth) and [@jarvie](https://hive.blog/@jarvie), along with help from [@yozen](https://hive.blog/@yozen) and [@jfuji](https://hive.blog/@jfuji). Project updates on Hive are posted by the [@riseofthepixels](https://hive.blog/@riseofthepixels) account. ## External links * [Rise of the Pixels website](https://riseofthepixels.com/) * The official [Rulebook](https://rulebook.riseofthepixels.com/) (Whitepaper) * [RotP's Discord server](https://discord.gg/997FFSk8T8) ## References 1. Rise of the Pixels has officially launched https://hive.blog/hive-131053/@riseofthepixels/rise-of-the-pixels-has-officially-launched ## Related Articles [[Hive engine]] [[Nft]] [[Peakd]]