Propolis Guidelines

The following **Propolis guidelines** may not be suitable for all articles. However, adherence to them would help maintain the academic style and integrity of [[Propolis Wiki]].[1] ### Writing style Propolis articles should adhere to formal academic style, avoiding slang, colloquialisms, and conversational tone. Writing should be straightforward and concise. Articles should be written in an unbiased manner. Texts should not be AI-generated, as generative content may be penalized by search engines.
## Structure of Articles ### The First Paragraph * The opening paragraph should consist of the term definition and 3-5 sentences on its most distinctive features, generally describing the subject, its purpose, its creation/release, its author(s), and such. It aims to explain the very basics to a reader with little to no previous knowledge. * Adherence to that style will likely result in linking the paragraph to multiple other articles. At this stage, most of them don't exist yet. Nevertheless, linking to blank pages is advisable as their list appears in every article, and the blank pages encourage users to fill in the gaps. * The first sentence should be the most general definition of the term, highlighted in bold. An example of the opening paragraph that adheres to the guidelines: ```A **Hive account** is an identity on the [Hive blockchain](/@propolis.eng/Hive-Blockchain). Hive accounts allow people, bots, or third-party applications that are in possession of their [Private Keys](/@propolis.eng/Private-Keys) to actively interact with the blockchain, i.e. to submit a [transaction](/@propolis.eng/Transaction). From a technical point of view, a Hive account is a container for all the activity associated with a particular identity on the blockchain. This includes all their tokens, posts, comments, [upvotes](/@propolis.eng/Upvotes), transfers, etc.Hive Developer Portal – Glossary``` ### Further Paragraphs * Further paragraphs should provide deep insight. For better readability, dividing them by subheadlines is advisable. Please use H2 and H3 tags for that purpose. * There should be no more than three paragraphs of text under one heading. ### Linking Suitable words and phrases should link to other articles. State the term in singular unless it only appears in plural. ```[[Propolis Wiki]]``` ### Sourcing Propolis articles should have a proper reference system similar to the Wikipedia one. Claims and facts should be sourced with credible references. Reliable sources of Hive-related information are: * Steem Whitepaper * Hive Whitepaper * Hive Development Portal When referencing [[Hive]] posts or similar media, please take into account that they are not peer-reviewed. Preference should be given to reputable authors and articles that have not provoked disapproving comments. When referencing Hive posts, links should be preferred. ## Propolis Discord Channel Any concerns, doubts or uncertainties can be discussed on the official [Propolis Discord channel]( ## References 1. Bars Juhasz (2023) Does Google Penalize AI Content? Yes Here’s Why ## Related Articles [[Propolis wiki]] [[Hive]]