![image.png]( is (probably together with [[Ecency]]) the frontend of Hive with the most features and capabilities. It originated from on the Steem blockchain, but after the fork to Hive it closed its operations on Steem to fully focus on developing the frontend for Hive[1]. It was founded by [@jarvie]( and [@asgarth]( Noteworthy on Peakd are the "Badges", up to 8 icons in a users profile page indicating special features or community memberships. Another unique feature are the "Collections", lists of posts a user can create which collect e.g. special subtopics or themes, "best of" lists, etc. of his own posts or across many other users. If a user prefers microblogging, with posting just short texts like in X (former Twitter) and those posts not publishing as main posts on the Hive blockchain but as comments rather, he/she may check out [[Ecency]] or [InLeo](/wiki/Ecency), which both have a microblogging feature. Official account:
## References 1. @steempeak (2020) SteemPeak goes Quietly into the Sunset ## Related Articles [[Ecency]]