How to edit Propolis Wiki

Propolis wiki welcomes everyone to create new articles or edit existing ones. There are some things to take into account when contributing. Please read this tutorial page thoroughly before submitting your edits.
## Interface Propolis articles can theoretically be edited using other interfaces, but those don't include metadata (like your username as the author). For this reason you should not use any other platform but []( to interact with the blockchain. There is a security script which will remove your authorization to post to the wiki if you submit an edit without the metadata. ## Source code Wiki articles are written in [[markdown]]. You can see each article's source code using the "view source" tab on the top right of the page. If you want to try something out, feel free to use the [[Sandbox]] article. ### Headings The article's title will be used as a first level heading, so the actual article should be structured using second and third level headings, which will be used to create the automatic table of contents. ### References Any information in your articles should be backed by references. Use ```Source (Year) link``` tags right after the information, which can be interactively created using the ```Ref``` button in the editor. ### Internal links Propolis uses wiki flavoured internal links ```[[Article Page]]```. You can use lowercase or uppercase, link text will show as you wrote it, the actual link will always be capitalized as per our convention. You can also link to sections directly using ```[[Article Page|SectionHeading]]```. ### Links to external Hive posts Links to posts on hive should always use the site `````` to not send users out to a different DApp with each link. ## Create articles ### General Guidelines Refer to [[Propolis Guidelines]] on how a Propolis Wiki article should be structured. ### Title Keep the title short. If the term you're covering can describe multiple things, and another article with the same title already exists, there are multiple options: - The meaning which is more commonly associated with the word is used as the main article. Other articles titles will be in the form "Article (Category)" - If multiple words are commonly associated with the word, use the article with the word as a container with links to and short descriptions of all different meanings ### Categories Before creating the article, look through the existing categories in the [Categories Overview]( to determine which are fitting. Avoid using more than 3-5 categories. ## Edit articles ### Change categories To only change categories in an edit, there still needs to be a small change to the content. Just add/remove a blank line at the end of the article. ## Related Articles [[Markdown]] [[Sandbox]] [[Propolis guidelines]]