HiveFest is an event created by the software developer and event organizer Roeland Landegent ([@roelandp]( to bring [hiveans](/wiki/Hiveans-Hive-Users) together. Planned as an annual gathering for the Hive ecosystem. It is a reunion x conference x social event. People from over 75 different countries attended HiveFest events held in different continents and the metaverse[1]. Hive account: [@hivefest]( Reputation 72 and 553 followers in May 27th, 2024
## External links Website: Retrieved in May 27th, 2024 X (former Twitter): []( 1,404 followers in May 27th, 2024 YouTube: 827 subscribers in May 27th, 2024 ## Rebranding the event in pandemic times The first edition with the actual name, after the [[Hive hard fork]], happened in December 2020 using virtual reality due to the Covid-19 pandemic travel restrictions[2]. In the 2020 edition one of the keynotes was about Leo Finance[3], the launch of the game Unsung Hero by SlowSundayGames ([@slowsundaygames]( also happened in the event[4]. The HiveFest 2021 edition also happened only in metaverse, this time in November with the Altspace VR including a NFT gallery with digital art selected by NFT Showroom and also a giveaway of 1k Hive tokens[5]. The 2021 HiveFest had 256 Hive users registrations managed to decode their memo secret word and unlock the badge. The year before it had 174. The event worlds had 1146 unique users joined, badged and non-badged users. In comparison: 2020 saw 782. These HiveFest worlds saw 14,895 visits (2020: 4,629) from 84 unique countries across the world[6]. ## Back to IRL (In Real Life) Before the HiveFest 2022 edition [@roelandp]( made a poll asking if hiveans would come in a physical location again. The next month Amsterdam was announced[7] as the place to the first HiveFest back offline (before the [hard fork](/wiki/Hive-Hard-Fork) the city was the birthplace of the event). Among the HiveFest 2022 presenters there were the belgium advertising agency [@behilarious](, with its Hive marketing speak presentation at Eye Filmmuseu recorded and published on YouTube[8]. As one of the atendees, Zebedee ([@revisesociology]( felt that Hive was a little more together, a little more Corporate and yet still decentralised.[9]. In 2023 the HiveFest was held in Rosarito, Mexico, with the theme "Ola Surfista". "Ola" means "wave" in Spanish, representing not only the rhythmic waves of the beautiful Pacific Ocean that grace Rosarito's beaches but also symbolizing the relentless, rhythmic flow of the Hive blockchain, moving forward block by block[10]. Photographer and writer Crimmi (@crimsonclad) hosted a talk in Rosarito Beach Hotel about all the work she has done this year to promote Hive at various events and the challenges that come with it, as well as some conclusions on how perhaps the typical crypto conferences and events might not be the best fit for Hive and the marketing of Hive[11]. A project of social shopping on Hive was launched in the event by former Hive dapp Wavio, alowing users increase their rewards linking affiliate programs with Amazon, Walmart, Target, or any other major store[12]. One of the highlights of HiveFest 2023 was the live streaming of conference sessions featuring leaders from Hive ecosystem projects such as 3Speak, Blocktrades, Leo Finance and SPK Network[13]. ## Reimbursement funds The Travel Reimbursement Fund is an initiative for which you can donate any amount and that can be used by anyone attending HiveFest to relief some of the travel expenses to the event. This initiative came back in 2023 HiveFest in Rosarito, Mexico[14]. In the 2022 Amsterdam edition 27,000+ single line distance travel kilometers have been claimed by 9 HiveFest attendees[15]. ## Next HiveFest: city of Split, Croatia The 2024 edition of HiveFest was already announced and will take place in the city of Split, Croatia, from September 10th to 15th, 2024. This year's theme is "Roman' Around", inspired by Split's rich Roman history and architecture[16]. ## Related posts @karinxxl - [I have started a powerdown to fund my Hivefest ticket and it feels right!]( Published in May 26th, 2024 @mynewlife - [Watch the World Premiere of Freechain Film at HiveFest , Rosarito in Mexico]( Published in December 22nd, 2023 @ura-soul - [Hivefest: Mexico, Magic, Tequila, Disco & Decentralisation.. 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