**Curation** on the [[Hive]] blockchain refers to the process of discovering, evaluating, and rewarding high-quality content created by users within the Hive ecosystem and rewarding it with a share from the [[Rewards Pool]].[1] Users generally use a combination of subjective judgment, [[community standards]], and personal standards to discern high-quality content from other content. ### The Steps of Curation * **Content Creation:** Users post content, which can include blog posts, articles, images, videos, and other forms, on the Hive blockchain. Any content is eligible for curation for 7 days after its publication unless the author decides to reject rewards. * **Voting:** Other users, referred to as curators, vote on the content they find valuable or interesting. Each vote influences the distribution of rewards proportionally to the [[Hive Power]], [[Voting Power]], and [[Vote Weight]] of the curator. While voting is possible anytime, only votes received within 7 days from publication are eligible for generating rewards. * **Reward Distribution:** Rewards are distributed to both the content creator and the curators who voted on the content once the 7-day curation period is over. The author recieves half of the total reward, and the curators split the other half based on the value of their votes.[1] ### Importance of Curation Curation is vital to maintaining the quality and relevance of content on Hive. By rewarding users who discover and support valuable content, the Hive blockchain ensures that the best contributions are recognized and encouraged. The subjectivity of curation motivates users to create topic-based or national-oriented [communities](/wiki/community) and establish [curating initiatives](/wiki/Curatin-Initiative) and groups.
## References 1. (2020) HIVE Whitepaper ## Related Articles [[Hive]] [[Rewards pool]] [[Community standards]] [[Hive power]] [[Voting power]] [[Vote weight]]