Communities in [[Hive]] are specialized spaces where users with common interests can share content and engage with each other. Communities make it easier for users to find topics and like-minded people.
## Types of Communities There are several hundreds of communities based on - geographic regions or languages like [Hive Mexico]( or [Hive Bangladesh](, - interests/hobbies like [Hive Gaming]( or [Amazing Nature](, and - various topics specifically about Hive like [HiveDevs]( or [Hive Learners]( There are dozens of "sub-communities" within the broader topics. E.g. in the area of gaming there are many communities about specific games like [Splinterlands]( or [Rising Star Game](, but there is not a community hierarchy which would allow to easily find an adequate community. Since every user can create a community, sometimes there are several communities that cover quite the same topic, e.g. [Photo Lovers]( and [Photography Lovers]( If a new user wants to find the best community for the topic, he/she is encourages to first search for different communities and compare e.g. the number of subscribers and especially the number of active users. ## How do Communities work Using the popular frontends like [[PeakD]] it is very easy to create a new community. When doing so, some details of the new community like title, "about", description, rules and preferred language can be entered (or added/edited later). Technically, every community is an [account](/wiki/Hive-Account), so an account creation fee (typically 3 Hive) has to be paid. The 4 key pairs like for any Hive account are generated in the process and should be kept at a secure place. ### Roles - **Owner**: The [[Hive]] account that is determined for the community and where the community wallet is located In addition, for each community these roles can be defined: - **Admin**: The user who created the community is per default admin. He can change the community settings and add other admins and change the roles of other users - **Mods**: Can add other users as members and add users on the "muted" list - **Members**: Optional (also non-members can post in communities) - **Muted**: Posts from these users won´t be shown in the community feed ### Rules Some communities have set rules, others don´t have any rules. Typical rules are to write in a certain language and to post only original content! Please respect the rules of each community! ## Links An overview about all communities in Hive: ## Related Articles [[Hive]] [[Peakd]]