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![image.png]( is (probably together with [[Ecency]]) the frontend of Hive with the most features and capabilities. It originated from on the Steem blockchain but after the fork to Hive it closed it´s operations on Steem to fully focus on developing the frontend for Hive. It was founded by [@jarvie]( and [@asgarth]( Noteworthy on Peakd are the "Badges", up to 8 icons in a users profile page indicating special features or community memberships. Another unique feature are the "Collections",lists of posts a user can create which collect e.g. special subtopics or themes, "best of" lists, etc. of his own posts or across many other users. If a user prefers microblogging (with posting just short texts like in X (former Twitter) and those posts not publishing as main posts but comments rather, he/she may check out [[Ecency]]) or [InLeo](/wiki/Ecency)) Official account:
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