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The Hive-Keychain is a webbroser-extension (available for Chrome, Firefox and Brave) and mobile app (for Android and Apple), that can store the [private keys](/wiki/Private-Key) of one or more [[Hive]] user accounts, thereby creating secure and seamless access to Hive powered websites, [dApps](/wiki/Decentralized-Application), and services [1]. In the meantime most of the Hive dApps have an integrated Keychain functionality for logging in and signing transactions. Depending on the type of key added to an account, the various transaction are possible via Keychain. E.g. if only the posting key was added, token transfers or other financial transactions are not possible More news on recent updates are published on Hive at [@Keychain]( It was developed by [@stoodkev](,[@cedricguillas]( and others. ![image.png]( source: ### Main features - Storing private keys of Hive user accounts - Wallet function (viewing balances, transferring tokens, staking, delegating and buying from fiat or exchanges) - Token swapping function - Portfolio view (showing balances across several accounts)
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