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The Hive-Keychain is a browser extension (available for Chrome, Firefox and Brave) and mobile app (for Android and Apple), that can store the [private keys](/wiki/Private-Key) of one or more [[Hive]] user accounts, thereby creating secure and seamless access to Hive powered websites, [dApps](/wiki/Decentralized-Application), and services [1]. Most of the Hive dApps have an integrated Keychain functionality for logins and signing transactions. Which transactions are possible via Keychain depends on which keys have been added; for example: if only the posting key was added, token transfers or other financial transactions are not possible. More news on recent updates are published on Hive at [@Keychain]( Keychain was developed by [@stoodkev](,[@cedricguillas]( and others. ![image.png]( source: ### Main features - Stores private keys of Hive user accounts - Wallet function (viewing balances, transferring tokens, staking, delegating and buying from fiat or exchanges) - Token swapping function - Portfolio view (showing balances across several accounts)
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