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Welcome to Propolis Wiki

[Propolis]( is a wiki which utilizes the [[Hive]] [[blockchain]] for data storage. The name comes from the Greek word propolis (pro ‘for’ + polis ‘the city’[1]), also used for the bee glue that keeps the hive together. This suitably describes the intention of the project as an entry point to the community which connects all areas.
## Scope Articles can cover all kinds of topics, but naturally we start with everything [[Hive]]. Ideally this will be the central place to get all information about your favorite [dApp](/wiki/Decentralized-Application), game or wallet, and a resource to learn new things. ## Explore If you're not sure where to start, how about a [random article](/random)? You can also browse the existing [categories](/wiki/Categories:Overview) under which articles have been published, or see what's happened lately on the [activity list](/activity)! New articles: [[Keychain]] Created by [@stayoutoftherz]( in March 25th, 2024 [[Hive Hard Fork]] Created by [@wagnertamanaha]( in May 25th, 2024 [[Blockchain]] Created by [@stayoutoftherz]( in March 23rd, 2024 [[Hard Fork]] Created by [@hivetrending]( in March 23rd, 2024 ## Contribute Share your knowledge! [Create](/create) a new article, or edit an existing one. Everyone can contribute to Propolis, the only requirement is a [[Hive account]]. For now, posting rights are managed manually - join our [Discord]( to get you set up! ## References 1. Propolis | Bee Lab accessed 2024-04-30 ## Related Articles [[Hive]] [[Blockchain]] [[Keychain]] [[Hive hard fork]] [[Hard fork]] [[Hive account]]