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Propolis Wiki

[Propolis]( is a [wiki]( which utilizes the [[Hive]] blockchain for data storage. The name comes from the Greek word propolis (pro ‘for’ + polis ‘the city’[1]), also used for the bee glue that keeps the hive together. This suitably describes the intention of the project as an entry point to the community which connects all areas. It was launched on May, 8th, 2024[2] with the aim to maintain the popular Wikipedia quality, relevance and neutrality standards. The wiki should be a source of information on all Hive-related topics for both new users and seasoned [Hiveans](
## Official links Website (wiki): Access in May 19th, 2024 Discord Propolis Wiki: 65 members in May 19th, 2024 36 followers in May 19th, 2024 @propolis.eng: 8 followers in May 19th, 2024 ## Edit of The Week and Logo Contests In May 17th, 2024[3] a design contest has concluded, and the jury chose the concept of [@wlffreitas]( as the winner of the 50 HBD first prize. To speed up the growth of the wiki and incentivize more authors to join in, it was decided to hold a regular "Edit Of The Week" contest with a prize of 25 HBD. Each weekend the best new articles or article edits of the last 7 days would have a vote on the winner. In addition to that, Propolis Wiki will declare an editor of the month at the end of each month, who will receive 50 HBD. If you are reading this in Propolis Wiki and follow the requirements to became a contributor, you can try and test text formatting in [Sandbox]( page before create or edit an article. ## Technical rundown To achieve the goal of providing crowdsourced knowledge in the popular wiki format, while still being available to all readers on any hive interface of their choosing, Python programming language was used in the backend. As it's not as simple CRUD with SQL app, the lightweight flask framework was used. Propolis Wiki founder @pharesim explained[4] that while all necessary data is stored on Hive, there is a need for a complementary database storing some information. He choses Postgres for its fts capabilities and scalability. ## Propolis Wiki Team [@pharesim]( – A reputed witness, creator of Curangel and skilled blockchain developer who runs the technical gears of Propolis. The godfather of the concept, early adopter, and community leader since April 2016 [@zekePickleman]( – Digital marketer, communication specialist, wordsmith and Hive enthusiast since before the fork [@godfish]( – The founding father of the Czech community oversees the content part and makes things happen. Onboarding specialist, happy to help you aboard! [@Incublus]( – An Ecency live show host, experienced curator and leader of the Turkish community, Discord server admin. [@nikv]( – A dedicated Curangel curator, skilled wordsmith, and proofreader dedicated to plentiful Propolis content of the highest quality. [@wlffreitas]( – Winner of logo contest invited to propose a big impact on the visual presentation of Hive's web3 wiki [@hivetrending]( - Hive backup witness (@pizza.witness) and Hive app developer. See more: Propolis Wiki - Articles in Chronological Order]( ## References 1. Propolis | Bee Lab accessed 2024-04-30 2. [Introducing Propolis - the web3 wiki (WIN 50 HBD!)]( Posted by [@propoliswiki]( on Hive in May, 8th, 2024 3. [Win 150 HBD each month for contributing to Propolis Wiki! + Design contest winner]( Posted by [@propoliswiki]( on Hive in May,17th, 2024 4. [Propolis Wiki technical rundown]( Posted by [@pharesim]( in May 18th, 2024 ## Related Articles [[Hive]]