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Hive Engine

Hive Engine is a [[smart contract]] side-chain platform for the [[Hive]] blockchain. This means that it can execute custom smart contracts based on data published to the Hive blockchain. This allows us to do things that are not currently supported by the Hive blockchain, such as creating custom tokens, or literally anything else achievable with a smart contract.[1]
## Official links Website: Github: Discord: 7.370 members in June 16th, 2024 ## History Launched by Jesse Reich ([@aggroed](, the project started in 2019 before the [[Hive Hard Fork]], the engine in the previous blockchain was terminated in April 2023.[2] In the actual blockchain, Hive Engine uses the Hive Smart Contracts software created by [@harpagon]( The software scans all blocks added to the Hive blockchain for transfers, custom_json, or even comment operations that contain a certain sidechain ID. It then executes the smart contract function specified in the operation data and packages it into a block which is added to the sidechain. It also maintains the current state of the sidechain and all smart contracts running on it which can be queried using a familiar RPC API[1]. As the founder explained at the beggining of the Hive blockchain, the layer 2 doesn't fork just because the layer one does. Because of the legal and physical restraints they had starting balances from scratch to make Hive-Engine work properly.[3] Speaking in [[HiveFest]] 2020 conference, [@aggroed]( revealed: "I'm trying to make it so Hive-Engine is one beautiful big back end that can power all of your front end businesses."[4] The [[Hive Hard Fork]] also inspired the creation of a general policy note, including the statement that in a hardfork where split (sister) chains are intentionally formed Engine will make a decision of whether to support the newly formed chain. In the event of a new chain being supported a new Engine will be created with balances starting from zero. No airdrop or benefit is guaranteed to holders in the event of supporting a new chain.[5] ## Hive Engine Tokens While deploying smart contracts on Hive blockchain was a good idea in the first place, the developer [@harpagon]( shared in 2020 his impression that the only thing that Hive-Engine used it for was to allow tokens to be created and traded.[6] The tokens migration from the previous blockchain was made by an airdrop announced in May 1st, 2020.[7] In June 22nd, 2024, according the page, there were 1.068 different tokens. The biggest supply and market capitalization was the [[Splinterlands]] game tokens Dark Energy Cristal (DEC). Splinterlands is the most popular [[Hive Gaming Dapps]] and also an [@aggroed]('s successful project. The players are able to move the tokens to Hive Engine like another exchange listing, where they can be traded against [HIVE (Cryptocurrency)]([8] Every asset that can be owned by players within the Splinterlands game can be transferred to/from (and be traded on) HIVE-Engine. This means that not only Dark Energy Crystals are traded there, but tokenized game itens like Booster Packs, Plots of land, and even Raffle Tickets from the Praetorian Land Sale.[9] The [[transaction]] of buying or selling packs/DEC on the hive-engine market uses Hive [[Keychain]], another [[decentralized application]] of the Hive ecosystem.[10] Beyond playing games you could also earn hive-engine tokens from blogging, you just needed to add certain hashtags.[11] Some dapps tokens like LEO, issued by InLeo, former LeoFinance and now a [[microblogging]] platform, are used for content creation, curation, and staking, gathering a popular community for cryptocurrency and finance enthusiasts. LEO had seen significant growth in engagement and adoption in recent years.[12] As [@vixmemon]( explained, when people create tokens they decide how they want to circulate those tokens for them to be traded on the hive engine. Sometimes, the circulation comes through air-drops and the distribution of tokens for free for many reasons. You would be surprised at how many tokens are in [Hiveans (Hive users)]( wallets on Hive Engine.[13] #### BEE Tokens BEE is the native token of the Hive Engine platform, just like how ETH is the native token of the Ethereum platform. BEE is currently required to create a new token on the Hive Engine platform, and in the future it will be required to publish and execute custom smart contracts.[14] ## Tools As soon an Hive Engine was launched after the Hive hard fork, developer Reazul Iqbal ([@reazuliqbal]( announced the HE Explorer, ( an open source Hive-Engine sidechain explorer that runs on your browser on top of Hive-Engine API. Its an exact copy of the former blockchain explorer that existed before the fork.[15] Karaka (, the automation (clerk) for Hive blockchain launched by [@eturnerx](, started to support Hive Engine tokens in May 2021. The tool offered a powerful set of commands to suit many situations like staking, transferring, buying and selling tokens.[16] In September 2023 the Hive Engine Network Status API ( was launched by the developer Florent Kosmala ([@bambukah]( His tool checks all the Hive-Engine nodes and returns the list, sorted by ping, of every node (with some data). It's supposed to be useful to improve the experience of others Hive developers projects.[17] ## Hive Engine Witness In the Hive Engine 2.0 upgrade, similar to the [[Hive Witness]], it was introduced the layer 2 witness nodes also. Witness approval weights come from staked (and delegated) WORKERBEE (Hive Engine governance token), and an account can approve up to 30 witnesses.[18] At that time, IT professional Ervin Lemark ([@ervin-lemark]( had set up a Hive Engine witness node and shared the experience in his blog.[19] ## Related Posts [@revisesociology]( - [Reflections on Hive-Engine!]( April 12th, 2024 [@gadrian]( - [Hive-Engine Diesel Pools: Tips and Tricks]( January 28th, 2024 [@monstermarket]( - [Announcing DEC and SPS Bridge Between Hive-Engine and Binance Smart Chain]( March 17th, 2022 [@forexbrokr]( - [What gives Hive-Engine tokens value?]( October 3rd, 2021 [@learncode]( - [Part 6: Coding on Hive with Python - Interacting with the Hive-Engine Side Chain]( July 31st, 2021 [@knowhow92]( - [3 Useful Hive-Engine Tools You Might Wanna Check Out ]( April 18th, 2021 [@aggroed]( - [First Ethereum deposit successfully tested for Hive-Engine]( December 17th, 2020 [@themarkymark]( - [Is Hive-Engine a Blockchain?]( December 14th, 2020 [@darkflame]( - [A quick intro to Hive Engine]( May 17th, 2020 [@holger80]( - [Hive Engine - NFT support has been added]( April 7th, 2020 [@holger80]( - ## References 1. 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[Becoming a Hive-Engine Witness]( Posted by Ervin Lemark ([@ervin-lemark]( on Hive in February 6th, 2021 ## Related Articles [[Smart contract]] [[Hive]] [[Hive hard fork]] [[Hivefest]] [[Splinterlands]] [[Hive gaming dapps]] [[Transaction]] [[Keychain]] [[Decentralized application]] [[Microblogging]] [[Hive witness]]