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HIVE (Cryptocurrency)

**HIVE** is a cryptocurrency that serves as the primary native [[top layer]] token of the [Hive ecosystem](/wiki/Hive). It was launched on March 20, 2020, when the Hive blockchain successfully forked from [[STEEM]]. The total supply of HIVE is not limited, but its inflation rate currently decreases by 0.01% with every 250,000 blocks, i.e. approximately 0.5% per year. The projected inflation rate is 0.95%.[1] Liquid HIVE can be vested into [[Hive Power]]. It is traded on [cryptocurrency exchanges](/wiki/Cryptocurrency-Exchange), [decentralized exchanges](/wiki/Decentralized-Exchange) or via [swaps](/wiki/Swap), and accepted as a currency by several local businesses. #### HIVE inflation is distributed in the following manner:[1] * 65% fills the [[Reward Pool]] * 15% rewards Hive Power stakeholders * 10% rewards [witnesses](/wiki/Witness) for block signing * 10% funds the [[Decentralized Hive Fund]]
## Disputes Hive was launched in March 2020 as a [[hard fork]] of the Steem blockchain. The fork was initiated by a group of developers and community members due to concerns over centralization and governance issues within the Steem ecosystem. Following the launch of Hive, users who held STEEM tokens on the original Steem blockchain were airdropped an equivalent amount of HIVE tokens. This distribution ensured that existing Steem stakeholders had a stake in the new Hive ecosystem. To ensure no influence by [Steemit, Inc.](/wiki/Steemit-Inc), the so-called [[Ninja Mined Steem]], or the tokens pre-mined by Steemit, Inc., was excluded. However, the final Airdrop Exclusion Blacklist contained 14 accounts labeled as “Steemit accounts”, 18 accounts labeled as “Tron puppets”, 300 accounts that “voted a minimum of two sockpuppets or proxied someone who voted a minimum of two and who didn't unvote before the hive announcement with more than 1k SP.”[2] Upon community discussion, 30 accounts from the last category were airdropped additionally.[3] ## List of exchanges trading HIVE | Name | Type | Website | | -------- | -------- | -------- | | Binance|CEX|[Link]( | | Bithumb|CEX|[Link]( | | Changelly|Swap|[Link]( | | CoinEx|CEX|[Link]( | | DigiFinex|CEX|[Link]( | | Energiswap|DEX|[Link]( | ||CEX|[Link]( | | HTX|CEX|[Link]( | | Indodax|CEX|[Link]( | | LeoDex|DEX|[Link]( | | MEXC|CEX|[Link]( | | Nominex|CEX|[Link]( | | ProBit Global|CEX|[Link]( | | TokoCrypto|CEX|[Link]( | | Upbit|CEX|[Link]( | | WazirX|CEX|[Link]( | | SimpleSwap|Swap|[Link]( | | StealthEX|Swap|[Link]( | ## List of businesses accepting HIVE * [Spend HBD community]( ## References 1. (2020) HIVE Whitepaper 2. (2020) Airdrop Exclusion Blacklist 3. @hiveio (2020) Community Discussion and Updates: Hive Airdrop Exclusion List and Code Corrections, Core Developer Meetings ## Related Articles [[Top layer]] [[Steem]] [[Hive power]] [[Reward pool]] [[Decentralized hive fund]] [[Hard fork]] [[Ninja mined steem]]